Commission Distributes Letter, Infographic re Results of PA Juror Demographics Survey to Court Administrators

On January 27, 2022, the Committee distributed a letter and a one-page graphic summary containing the results of its survey on PA juror demographics to all Pennsylvania Judicial Court Administrators. The survey was designed to determine the extent to which judicial districts use the Statewide Juror List to summons jurors; whether judicial districts collect racial, ethnic or other juror-based demographic data; and whether use of the Statewide Juror List has resulted in an increase in diversity on juries in their districts. The survey indicated that while most districts appear to be using the Statewide Juror List to summons jurors, the majority are not collecting or analyzing juror demographic data. Based on the survey’s results, the Commission will work with the AOPC and the judicial districts to expand both the number of districts that collect the data and the scope of the demographic data that is collected.